Ellie Skyes – Attached to Daddy’s Hip FullHD 1080p

Ellie Skyes - Attached to Daddy's Hip FullHD 1080p

Mom passed away about a year ago and ever since then it’s just been me and dad. We share choirs and work as a team! My boyfriend just dumped me recently to go be with another girl and I’m completely heartbroken. Who do I turn to? My sweet teddy-bear of a dad! I sit right on his lap like the princess I am and confess how sad I am. As he holds me I start to grind on his lap. I tell him I wish we could date since we make such a great team. I continue to grind and even start to whimper and moan. I tell daddy I can feel his throbbing cock under my wet-teen pussy. I can feel the cock I made me. I ask dad if I can give him a kiss. I start to kiss daddy but, I get a little carried away.. I whisper to daddy “I want special daddy-daughter bonding time. I want to feel daddy’s cock in me.” Daddy allows it and I get super excited! Thank you daddy! I beg for you to get on top of me and put the cock that made me in my wet pussy. Your cock feels so good I can’t help but, let out some moans. I even beg for your hot semen to spurt deep into my womb! I promise I’ll get a plan B first thing in the morning! After we have such an amazing night we cuddle right next to each other. What a great night daddy! The next morning I wake up next to you and tell you I had an amazing dream! We had a house and a family together! I have an idea daddy.. Lets move away where no one knows us and start a family! Maybe, I wont take a plan b.. What do you think daddy? Since you normally have such a hard time saying no to your princess you stay silent for a minute. That’s when I start to stroke your cock and touch your balls. Saying how I came from these balls and so will our family. You can’t help but, to give in and say yes to your sweet girl. I get on top and ride you. I ride as I beg for daddy’s hot cum to coat my eggs! I love you so much daddy.

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