Ellie Skyes – Bred By Alien Brother: Halloween Special FullHD 1080p

Ellie Skyes - Bred By Alien Brother: Halloween Special FullHD 1080p

It’s just another normal pizza delivery shift on Halloween night. I park my car and head up to the door to deliver my 6th pizza of the night. There is something different about this house though.. Something ominous. I dismiss it and knock on the door. I try to remember the order for the pizza not paying any attention to the person whom I am delivering to. I slowly look up and I’m instantly confused. This person looks a lot like my brother? However.. my brother never told me he moved.. and why does his eyes look.. different? I ask what is up and I am invited in for pizza and movie with bro.. I don’t particularly have the best judgement.. You look like my bro and I get free food so why not? I start to relax on the couch and dig in to some pizza. We watch a Halloween classic only for me to realize.. I’m kind of freaked out! My brother reassures me with a touch on my leg. An almost too friendly touch.. I know where this is going.. And why not? I’m down. I’m even straight forward with you about it. Your sis has been down this road once or twice.. And I’m down to fuck with my own brother. It’s Halloween! I take out your cock and slowly start to suck it. Its kind of… slippery though? More slippery than a normal cock? Oh well! I’ll get tipped for this though right? I’m skipping out on work to fuck my own brother after all! Things are starting to get heated now.. so we shift back to the couch. You leave the room as I’m getting undressed and come back in your underwear… Why do you have your boxers back on? You tell me there is something you have to show me.. I open your boxers to reveal.. A Tentacle dick?! My own brother has been taken over by an alien… and they want to use my body for breeding and birthing eggs… Fuck.. Well.. I’m down for anything tonight so why not get fucked by my alien brother? Right? **All actors and characters depicted are 18+***

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