Ellie Skyes – Farmer’s Daughter Confession for Dad FullHD 1080p

Ellie Skyes - Farmer's Daughter Confession for Dad FullHD 1080p

It’s always been just me and daddy at the farm. We normally never hide anything from each other.. But, this is one secret I never want daddy to know.. So, when I say I was shocked when he confronted me with my monster dildo in his hand.. I was very caught off guard! He asked me what it was and why I had it. I didn’t know how to explain it to him other than I had a fetish.. Daddy must think I’m so trashy.. That’s when daddy confessed something to me too.. He also had a fetish. A daddy/daughter fetish. Maybe that why daddy always told me to stop wearing my daisy dukes so much but, I wouldn’t listen.. I ask daddy if I’m in trouble and he said I wont be but.. on one condition.. I suck daddy’s cock. I tell daddy to pull down his pants but, first, he wants to watch me suck the monster dildo to help get him more hard.. I’m confused but, I listen to daddy and suck it. I never tried sucking my monster dildo so it was so pointy it hit the back of my throat funny! That’s when daddy asked if I could use it on myself.. I thought I was in trouble for even having this dildo? But, daddy wanted to see how I used it on myself because he wants to know how it works. I start using the dildo and it starts to turn me on. Daddy asks what my fantasies are while even using this thing.. so I tell him.. I imagine aliens coming down into our crops. They take me and daddy and just have daddy watch while they do all sorts of naughty things with my pussy. They probe me with their weird and strange cocks while daddy just watches. Daddy can’t do anything but, watch while his daughter gets all kinds of alien cock just shoved inside her. I get interrupted by daddy because now he is ready for me to suck his cock. Daddy even wants to cum in my mouth and have me swallow like the trashy farmer’s daughter I am. I am such a trashy girl with trashy thoughts! Right in front of daddy! Daddy busts his load inside of my mouth and I really enjoy it! I think I also like daddy’s fetish too! We definitely need to be more open with each other so me and daddy can bond better just like this!

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