Ellie Skyes – Your Stepsis Has a Breeding Plan in Mind FullHD 1080p

Ellie Skyes - Your Stepsis Has a Breeding Plan in Mind FullHD 1080p

You are looking for your laptop when suddenly you realize “Oh, Fuck. My stepsis has it”. Not only do I have it but, I found what you were hiding on it as well. You are cheating on your girlfriend. I call you out and you call me a bitch and a snoop. However, its too late. I already have the evidence. And I’m not giving it back until you give me what I want. I walk out and come back in to reveal I am wearing lingerie. You are understandably confused but, I am definitely not. I’ve wanted this for a while. I’ve fantasied and planned this moment. I’ve fantasied about you giving me your seed. I want to feel your warm cum all the way deep into my stomach. Look at my lush hips and ample breasts. Imagine them filled with milk. You are at least somewhat turned on by your stepsis. So, let me get you more comfortable by giving you a blowjob. It seems like I’m slowly convincing you as I lick up and down your cock and taking it deep down into my throat. That’s when I tell you we can start slow. I take off my panties to show off my ass and slowly slip your cock into my pussy. I’m already so wet with excitement that this is actually happening. I build up from a slow progression until I am full on riding your cock. I’m just hoping for a drop of that pre-cum. You seem really into now.. On to the next part of my fantasy. I need you on top of me so you can effectively breed me. I beg for you to get on top. I plead. And you give in. You get on top and fuck my fresh pussy. My body is so healthy and fresh for breeding. I encourage you to cum in me. Cum deep into your step sister’s pussy. I want to feel your warm cum in me. I want to drain you. Fill me with your warm seed. Oh my god I can feel it. I can feel it deep in my uterus. You have finally claimed me as yours!

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