Euro Lapdance – Twice for Candy! smoking fetish HD 720p

 Euro Lapdance - Twice for Candy! smoking fetish HD 720p

Peter is alone in his room when suddenly an extreme hot girl in a robe walks in and asks for a smoke. She introduces herself as “Candy” his new stepmom, and tells him she’s screwing his father! She notices he’s trying to see what’s under her robe… She slides her hand gently over his boxers, feeling the boy is definitely turned on by her… She pulls down his boxers and sits on top of him, then she lights up a cigarette… She asks the boy if he likes his new stepmom, then she tells him she’s going to jerk his cock for as long as the cigarette lasts! Her soft hands take control of his hard cock, and she slaps his cock against her pussy. She opens her robe, revealing her perfect tight body. She starts sliding her pussy over his cock making him feel how warm it still is from fucking his father. The boy can’t help to ejaculate within a minute, but Candy’s cigarette is still smoking so she continues to jerk him. Her experienced touch is to overwhelming for the boy. She forces him to ejaculate a second time before she finishes her smoke! She tells him she’s going to have so much fun with her new stepson!

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