Family Boxxx – Strip Pong & Sex with my sister MJ FRESH HD 2020

Strip Pong & Sex with my sister MJ FRESH

So last weekend my little sister came home from State College for the weekend. It was her best friend’s birthday and she came home to see her. Are parents were away on a Caribbean cruise and I was home alone. I was gonna have some people over but I was super hung over from the night before so I decided to just chill in the basement. There I was hanging out watching some porn and practicing my beer pong when all of a sudden MJ walked in from upstairs. I guess she got tired of posting stupid things on Social Media and she decided to come and bother me instead. She told me that she was bored as hell and wanted to do something fun and let off some steam. That’s when I told her that I couldn’t have agreed with her more.

In the past I never really thought my step-sister was hot, but ever since my parents bought her a pair of boobs I couldn’t keep my dirty thoughts to myself. I really wanted to fuck her and I could tell she was giving me the vibe as well. Right away she challenged me to a game of strip pong. I thought she was just kidding at first, boy was I wrong. We proceeded to play a real deal game of Strip Pong. I of course was a master at the game of pong, so I knew I would have my step-sister naked in no time. Funny thing happened though, MJ ended up kicking my butt and I was the one naked while she was fully dressed. Luckily I got a few balls in after that and she flashed me her amazing tits. They looked so freaking good and that I got a mad boner right away and I couldn’t hide it. Well I guess MJ liked what she saw because next thing you know she had my cock in her mouth. I proceeded to plow my little sister for a good twenty minutes in the basement. Once MJ was finished using me as a fuck stick she made me shoot my load deep inside her tight pussy. Can I just say that I can’t wait for my parents to go on another cruise. Boo ya!

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