Family Manipulation Jaye Summers – Dirty Dice Daydream HD avi [720p/2019]

Family Manipulation Jaye Summers – Dirty Dice Daydream

Family Manipulation Jaye Summers – Dirty Dice Daydream

I hope I’m not the only guy who fantasizes about fucking his sister. I couldn’t help it after she told me about her “dirty dice” and how to play the game.. Apparently her and her ex boyfriend would use them pretty often. But why was she telling me this? Does she wanna play a round of dice with me??

What no? What’s wrong with you!!

I thought you wanted to!

Gross your my brother!!

Sis thru me out of her room and that’s when my mind began to wander..

We’re sitting on her bed, Jaye is down to her pink panties and she’s about to roll the dice.. She rolls a 5 which means I get to rub my fingers over her cotton underwear.. She was so wet, I couldn’t wait to roll the right number so I could finally have my little sister wrapped around my cock!

I’m completely lost in my dirty thoughts; imagining Jaye riding my rock hard dick and saying the nastiest things. Things siblings should never say to each other! She bends over, with her ass arched up in the air, taunting me with her pretty pussy… I grab her cheeks and pull her into me, shoving my dick deeper into her cunt! Sis looks so good taking every inch, this would be the best sex I’ve ever had if it were real..

Before snapping back to reality, sis begs for my load in her mouth. She bobs her head up and down until I pump her mouth full of my thick cum!

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