Family Manipulation – Paisley Pepper in Dad Wants To Join This Time FullHD mp4

I was unsure what to think when I saw my own two fucking in our backyard last week. At first I was shocked and confused; there’s no way that I was seeing this correctly! My would never do something like this – with the constant bickering that goes on, I assumed they couldn’t even stand being near each other..

But after getting a closer look, I realized that my eye sight was perfectly fine. Obviously seeing my little girl take every inch of her older brother was absolutely vulgar. Yet I found myself completely infatuated by the situation… Most fathers would have immediately put a stop to it, but not me. I take out my phone and began recording them; I’m sure this footage will come in handy..

I sneak into the bathroom while my daughter is in the shower to ask her what was going on between her and Tyler. Paisley knows what she did was wrong and instantly becomes defensive, putting on a facade like nothing had happened between them. Of course she plays dumb, and yells at me to leave. But this won’t be the last time I bring it up..

Once my wife leaves for work, I figure now is as good a time as any to finally confront my son and daughter. I call them into my room to have a little chat about their recent actions.

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