Family Manipulation – Scarlett Johnson in “Wear My GF’s Panties For Me, Sis? (Part 1/2) SD mp4


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I was horny and looking for anything to feel connected to a woman.. The first thing to come to mind was panties! So I snuck into my sister’s room to try to find solace.. But was caught during my naughty escapade!

What are you doing in my room!?


I thought I left something in here..

-But sis saw right through my lie when she noticed the pink lacy fabric in my hand-

Are those my underwear?!

I swear it’s not what it looks like!

Thats so gross I’m gonna tell dad your messing around with my panties!

No please let me just explain..

I tell my sister how my ex-girlfriend and her wear the same perfume.. And when I smell it, I get excited. I can’t control my manly desires, and the craving for a sexy woman never goes away. Somehow sis felt empathetic for me and asked if there was anything she could do.

Maybe this was wrong of me, but seeing sis in her towel knowing she’s completely naked underneath, was turning me on a great deal.. I ask if she could put on the panties and lay on her stomach for me.

Watch as my horny little sister glides my throbbing cock in and out of her mouth! She slurps and gags on my dick until she’s ready to take the whole thing in her pretty little pussy!As Scarlett bounces on me, the feeling of her juices rolling down my shaft made my balls ache for her..

Sis looks so good bent over for me as I pound her doggystyle. Her moans get louder as I thrust myself in and out of her tight hole! She’s begging for my cum inside of her, so I flip her over and fill her up with my thick load!

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