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I’m really quiet, and really, really shy. I play video games and study. I don’t have any friends. People call me weird and other names that are pretty mean. But I don’t really care, everyone else is stupid. I think I’m pretty cool, and I know I’m really smart. But whatever, the thing that’s really important is I’m a fast learner – and I know how to get what I want. Lately I’ve become obsessed with taboo porn. Like brothers fucking their sisters. I think it’s so hot, especially the really amateur stuff, sometimes I even think it’s real. I know it’s probably not but the good videos that make me believe the people are really related get me to cum so quick… The weird thing is I don’t even have a sister. At least I didn’t until two months ago. A while back my Dad sat me down and told me I had an older puerto rican sister from his first marriage, and that she was moving in with us. I was like WTF?! my Dad is crazy… My new big sister moved in a week later and she was a total brat, and a huge slut. She was always asking Dad for money for designer clothes and out partying all night with her new friends. But lucky me, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to live out my ultimate fantasy… I decided to wait till our parents went out of town for the weekend and just do some stuff I saw in my favorite videos… And fuck me if it didn’t totally work, this guy is now officially the world’s happiest creepy little brother.

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