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My Dad wasn’t always such a pain in the ass, he used to be really chill. I guess it started a few years ago when Mom left. Every year since then he’s gotten more and more over protective. He’s always worried my sister Cherry and I are hanging out with the wrong crowd, doing drugs, or about to fail out of school. And we have have to answer the phone whenever he calls, or we’ll get grounded for a week! It’s ridiculous!!! He never trusts us. We behave most of the time, but we like to have fun too, we just have to keep it a secret from Dad.


We were really excited that Dad finally went on vacation to Vegas for a whole week with Uncle Rich, but once he landed, he kept calling Cherry to make sure that everything was ok and we weren’t throwing a party or something. He called 4 times! Thank God my sister is a better liar than I am, that or Dad is going deaf. I fucked my sister even harder than usual but somehow Cherry convinced Dad not to worry, she said we were just having a quiet night, hanging out on the couch. And definitely NOT getting into any trouble…

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