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I joined the Marine Corps a month after my Father left us. I hated that I was leaving my Mother all alone, but at least I knew I’d be home in a few months, Dad was never coming back… I joined the Marines because I wanted to become a man, and do something exciting, but mostly to make my Mother proud of me. I know she was disappointed in me the last couple years… After boot camp I had 10 days of leave before I had to go to North Carolina for more training. I was so glad to be at home with my Mom, I missed her a lot while I was away. I didn’t plan for what happened the first few days back. And I’m not entirely proud of everything I did. I was drinking a lot and there’s some things I don’t remember very clearly. What I do know is my Mother and I love each other very much, and that will never change no matter what happens from here on. The only truly important part of what happened is that she finally said yes….


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