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Scene 1: Breakfast Mom is wearing an over-sized bathrobe, nothing underneath, no shoes. Son comes in wearing only a pair of shorts. Mom cheerily say, “Hi sweetie, hold on a minute and I’ll make you some breakfast!” Son walks up behind Mom, places his hands on her waist and says, “Good, I’m going to need my energy. I’ve got big plans today.” “Oh what?” Mom asks. “This.” He replies and drops his shorts and shoves his groin into her back and grabs and starts squeezing her tits. Mom is startled, he spins her around and grabs her by the hair. Mom pulls away and falls to the floor, he gets on top of her and yanks her robe open and starts fucking Mom while she struggles and begs and tries to get away. He yanks her robe off and puts one hand over her mouth and starts forced sex on Mom while she screams into his hand. Mom is all red-faced and crying. He comes inside her and leaves you on the floor crying.

Scene 2: Drink with Mom In the evening, Mom mixes herself a drink but when her back is turned, Son slips something in it. Mom drinks it but soon complains of feeling sleepy and then falls over. After a few minutes, Son returns to the room and discovers her passed out still fully dressed. He undresses her while touching and squeezing her private parts. He slaps mom in the face with his cock to wake her up.He talks dirty during this, “Take it Mom, take my dick in your cunt. You like my dick Mom? You fucking whore.”

Scene 3: I Love You Mom is in bed asleep on her side. Son comes in wearing only shorts. He looks at Mom and pulls his shorts down and begins to masturbate while still looking at her. He pushes up her top very slowly and pulls it open exposing her tits. He pulls her panties off. He starts to push his cock into her pussy but her eyes pop open. Mom opens her mouth to scream but he clamps his hand over her mouth with his hand and starts fucking her. Mom tries to scream and struggle during this but he whispers for her to relax, he says he loves her, and how beautiful she is. After he finishes he collapses on top of Mom while she lays there and crying.

Scene 4: Take it Mom is on the couch in a skirt and blouse and her son is on top of her in jeans and a t-shirt trying to force sex on Mom. She is trying to fight him off. Mom is crying things like; “Stop please stop, oh God please stop.” He is saying things like: “Take it Mom, take it.” He rips her blouse open exposing her breasts and lifts up her skirt and rips off her panties, he unzips his jeans and fucks Mom until he comes in her mouth while she begs for him to stop and try to push him off.

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