Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Cory Chase & Vanessa Cage – Supergurl is Trained and Broken FullHD (1080p/


Added: 3/20/17

Scene One: Super Gurl Slave outfit
“You’re in big trouble!” Super Gurl says. “Am I?” Sorceress responds zapping Super Gurl with her magic. “You’re under my control” the sorceress Tala smiles. “Now bend over, we’re going to have some fun.” Super Gurl’s body moves against her will and she bends over like a slave to the sorceresses command. Sorceress strips the horrified and confused Super Gurl and gropes her trembling body.
With a terrible smile the Sorceress slides a cold steel butt plug into Super Gurl’s ass. Super Gurl screams at the indignity but is unable to break the spell. The sorceress puts a collar around Super Gurl’s throat. “You’re not a super hero anymore” She whispers to her. Sorceress touches Super Gurl’s super sensitive pussy with a vibrator. “Just let it happen, don’t fight it” Sorceress tells her as she forces Super Gurl to cum like a little slave slut. Super Gurl can’t believe she just came, what’s wrong with her.
To complete Super Gurl’s slave outfit Sorceress zaps a chastity device on her that can only be removed by magic. “Try to get out of this… you’re not going anywhere” Sorceress laughs at her new pet. Super Gurl struggles to break the device like her life depended on it.
Scene Two: Good little doggie

“I made you orgasm, now come here” Sorceresses says, spreading her legs. Super Gurl can’t stop herself, no matter how hard she tries. The magic forces her to eat Sorceress’s evil pussy. On her knees she uses a vibrator and her tongue to get the super villain off. She’s not a lesbian, and she hates having to do this but has no choice. Sorceress opens her mouth and screams with and amazing orgasm.
“Here you go, like a good little doggie” Sorceress says, tying Super Gurl to the floor with a leash. Using all her strength she’s unable to free herself. Will she be a slave forever? Will anyone ever find her. She will struggle until her last breath but will it be enough….
Scene Three: Super Gurl is Broken
Sorceress breaking Super Gurl’s will. Tied up and tortured, but will she break?
Sorceress has Super Gurl tied up and completely exposed. She’s powerless against Sorceress’s magic. “How does that feel Super Gurl?” She says torturing her. She wants only one thing, to break Super Gurl and turn her into her super pet. Pain has to be met with pleasure and a vibrator should do it.
“That feels good doesn’t it” Sorceress says as she makes Super Gurl cum like a slut. Super Gurl gives in knowing there’s no hope. She falls in love with her captor and kisses her as orgasms wreck her body. She will get on her knees and do anything now that she’s been properly motivated.

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