Jerky Wives – Molly Jane in Revenge for a Lost Case HD (clips4sale/ 720p/ 2015)




Scene One: Broken Counselor

Lawyer Molly comes home after work her heels clicking on the floor. She wants to get her weekend started right. She goes upstairs and strips naked except for her heels, not wanting her feet to touch the cold floor, and goes to lay on the couch. Lounging reading a magazine Molly gets a little horny and goes to masturbate in her bed. With a vibrator Molly rubs herself, softly moaning, sliding it inside of her. She grabs her tits and her back arches on the bed as she cums. As her orgasm subsides she notices someone standing in the doorway watching her. Get out of here! She yells shocked. What are you doing? Without a word the man grabs Molly by her hair and pulls her to the ground.

Scene Two: Payment for losing

You ruined my life bitch the man says, forcing his large cock in her mouth. Being a state provided defense attorney, she only puts time and effort into cases she can win. Alex’s case wasn’t one of those and he was sent to jail. Molly gaps for air, being forced to suck his cock deeper than she ever has sucked before. Yeah bitch suck my balls. Disgusted Molly licks and sucks on his balls as he jerks his cock over her face. It’s not long before the man shoots his load, covering her in shame. He gives her a slap across the face and leaves Molly in stunned disgrace.

Scene Three: A relaxing dip in the pool

Molly has taken some time off of work after her ordeal with Alex. In her bathing suite she goes out to swim. She loves the privacy and the cool feel of the water, so she strips naked and walks around. She lets the water flow around her and carry away her troubles. Getting out of the water she puts her heels back on and goes into the house. She steps into her bathroom and takes a shower. Washing away the chlorine makes Molly feel clean again, something she thought she would never feel. She may be able to get over her violation and feel right again. She walks out of the bathroom with her heels clicking on the tile.

Scene Four: Not alone

She doesn’t hear the man behind her as she leaves the bathroom. He pushes her down on the bed and she grunts with surprise. The man ties her hands behind her back and Molly struggles against him. This can’t be happening again she thinks. The man puts her glasses back on saying I wouldn`t want you to miss one single minute of this? as he pushes his hard cock into her mouth. Molly can only gasp and gag being held by her pony tail onto his cock. Ahhh! She screams as the man moves behind her and fucks her helpless pussy. He pounds her, choking her and relieving all his frustration in his angry fucking. Molly recognizes him as a man who claimed he was innocent. Molly had lost that case because she forgot evidence at trial and now he was paying her back. Her face turns purple as he chokes and fucks her. We’re not done he says, retying her hands in front of her. He fucks her again until he is on the edge of cumming then pushes her to the ground. Forcing Molly’s mouth open he jerks his cock onto her tongue and disgusted face. His stream of warm cum covers her face, mouth and glasses. She spits it out destroyed and shamed. Remember that next time you fuck a client over he says as he leaves.

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