Fifi Foxx Fantasies Carmen Valentina – How to Fuck Your Mother: Girlfriend’s Disturbing & Perverted Family Advice FullHD 2020

How to Fuck Your Mother

You’d do anything to feel her pussy on your dick – to be inside of the pussy that you came out of. All you had ever gotten was a little smooch on the cheek, but you wanted to shove your tongue down her throat and make love to her.

“How about we come up with ideas on how we can make a move on your mom,” Carmen suggested. “We could go extreme. What if you just pin her down on the bed and have your way with her even though she’s screaming no. Just take her pants off as she tries to fight you off – you’ll still have that chance to fuck her like you’ve always wanted…”

“I think it’s so hot that you have that little fetish,” she purred. “Now what if you…” She want on in great detail about the disturbing, perverted, immoral ways that you could take advantage of your mom or make her give in. Carmen was willing and ready to do whatever it took to finally get your dick inside your mother’s pussy.

This clip includes: Carmen Valentina, POV, girlfriend grows curious as to why you’ve been calling her “mommy” in bed, she comes to realize that you secretly want to fuck your mother, girlfriend is turned on by the idea of you fucking your mom & comes up with ideas on how you can do it, extreme taboo talk, dirty talk, girlfriend goes in great detail about ways to corrupt & take advantage of your mother, striptease, tit groping, pussy spreading, masturbation, she is willing & ready to do whatever it takes to get your dick inside your mother’s pussy, GFE, mom and son, mom son, mother, family sex, fauxcest, older woman, MILF, momma’s boy, lingerie

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