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“Okay, you can just sit here and wait until he’s done getting ready – I think he just hopped in the shower,” Mrs. Valentina said sweetly. You had arrived a little early, so you figured you could hang out on the couch and watch some TV until he was done. “He didn’t tell me he had such handsome friends,” she said with a warm smile and her fingers brushing through her hair.

Mrs. Valentina was your friend’s mom. You had only ever seen her in passing, and now that you could actually sit down and look at her, you thought she was gorgeous. “You want anything? Like, water or anything?” she asked politely. “Oh, I love that you take care of yourself. What kind of sports do you do, or what work-out? I just love it.”

You weren’t sure what was going on. Although it seemed Mrs. Valentina was being a bit flirty, you dismissed it because she was married, and well, she was your friend’s MOM. She was heavily complimenting your features, making comments about your eyes, jawline, and skin. “You are so handsome – your parents did such a good job with you,” she said charmingly. “Have you ever been with…you’re not going to tell anyone, this conversation is just with me and you, okay? So, have you ever been with an older woman like me?” she whispered.

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