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Mom Tricks Son into Impregnating Her

Not only do you get to fuck your girlfriend’s mom, but she’ll watch as you fuck her daughter, too.
You had no idea why your girlfriend’s mom had called you two into her room. “I’ve noticed things are getting pretty serious,” she began to say, “and you’re starting to get more intimate, which is normal for your age.” She was finding used condoms in the trash, so you knew two had been having sex.

But she wasn’t trying to embarrass you or discipline for that. She wanted to make sure you were being safe and using condoms so that her daughter wouldn’t get pregnant, and more importantly, she wanted to make sure that you were fucking her “correctly.”
“Are you even doing it right?” Mrs. Valentina asked bluntly. “Do you guys need help? Good sex leads to a good relationship.” She didn’t want her daughter miserable and disappointed because you sucked at sex – you needed to keep her happy.
“I know, don’t complain,” Mrs. Valentina turned towards her mortified daughter. “Trust me, you’ll be thanking me at the end.” She promised that you guys wouldn’t regret it. Now, she knew you two probably did the “basic stuff” in bed, so she wanted to share a couple of tips that could help improve that.
“You’re going to experiment on me, then you’re going to practice on my daughter,” she told you. “I’ll show you how different that is and how much better it will be for the both of you.” Your girlfriend wasn’t thrilled – in fact, she thought it was weird. Her mom assured her that learning in person was way more beneficial than watching videos from a porn site.
“Both of you take your clothes off,” she instructed, then looked at you,” and come here, I want you to do some foreplay on me.” She told you to start by sucking on her perky tits. “How about you use that tongue a little bit more?” she hinted.

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