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A Mom's Confession

When she cleaned his room, she found piles of crusty towels – he had been masturbating a lot, which was understandable for a boy his age. However, he was watching incestuous porn, mom and son specifically, which concerned and grossed out your wife. You and your wife raised your family with good morals – where on earth would he ever get an idea to watch porn like that?

Aside from that, your wife’s panties went missing, they weren’t in her drawers, and she ended up finding a pile of them in your son’s room. This made her even more uncomfortable and stand-offish towards him. She didn’t want to stress you out, so she stayed quiet about everything until now.

She felt like she was being watched in the shower. When she heard someone near the doorway, she knew it had to be your son. So, she decided to have a talk with him about everything – about the porn he had been watching, about the panties he stole, and about how he was watching her in the shower. She told him not to do it anymore, which caused him to get upset and aggressive, and he grabbed her, but she ran out of the room before anything else happened.

Things from then on had become so much worse, so much more aggressive. Yesterday was the worst it had ever gotten. Your wife got home from work, and he hid in the closet as she changed – he knew you weren’t home yet.

He jumped out and ripped off her clothes. He mo1ested and forced his way onto her. You listened as your wife finally confessed what happened that day. She had never felt so violated and used….

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