Fiona Dagger – Mom Ruins No Nut November FullHD

Fiona Dagger - Mom Ruins No Nut November FullHD

Fiona Dagger

Your mother is fed up of your recent bad mood, and demands you tell her what’s going on! She nags you about it, asking if something is going on at school, or if you’re having girl trouble, and eventually you confess to her that you’re cranky because you’re partaking in No Nut November.

Your mother is confused until you explain to her how the challenge works, at which point she’s horrified! You tell her you were doing it with a group of friends and now there’s only you and one other guy left in the challenge. Your mother says that this is all very gross and immature of you, and besides, it can’t be healthy! She says that you should stop, but you explain that there’s only one more week to go, and if you win your friend will buy you a PS5! Your mom says she can’t stop you from continuing in the challenge if you want to, but you had better improve your mood for this last week, and be more polite to your family! A few days later she suddenly barges into your room and tells you she’s fed up, you’ve been just as grumpy and rude as you were before, and she’s not having it any more! She kneels down and starts wrestling with the zipper on your jeans, trying to pull them down. You try to fight her off, asking what the hell she’s doing, but she succeeds in getting them down and your huge swollen cock pops out! She seems slightly taken aback by the sight but bravely beging immediately stroking you, even as you squirm and ask her what’s going on. She informs you that she’s had enough of your moods, and she’s going to end this stupid challenge right here and now! You try to argue with her and wriggle out of her grasp as she keeps jacking your aching cock, until eventually out of frustration she says she’ll buy you a PS5 herself, if you’ll just let her get this over with! Of course you’re immediately more than happy with this arrangement and you relax and let your mother stroke your cock, as she keeps up a constant stream of nagging and complaining about how unreasonable you’ve been, and how ridiculous this whole idea of No Nut November was. She says she doesn’t think it was healthy at all, and she expects you’ve probably built up a huge load of cum after not ejaculating for nearly a month, but it will be worth the mess to get her normal cheerful son back! You warn her that you’re getting close and she jacks you faster and faster, telling you to just let it happen, and that she’ll order the PS5 straight away as soon as your balls are empty. You suddenly unleash a huge flood or spunk all over your mother, spurting over and over again as she gasps in shock! You can tell she wasn’t expecting it to be quite such an enormous load, but she tries to recover her dignity and merely tells you that she hopes you’ve learned your lesson about these unhealthy challenges, and says she’ll get the playstation ordered just as soon as she’s got in the shower and washed all this jizz off….

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