FionaDagger – Mommy Helps Your Achey Balls FullHD 1080p

You tell your mom that your balls have been feeling uncomfortable for a couple of hours, and she tells you not to worry, she’ll have a look at them now! When she takes your trousers down she sees you’ve got an erection, and she asks if you’ve been hard the whole time your balls have been hurting..? You admit that you have been, and you mother sighs amusedly and tells you she thinks that you’re probably just backed up and you need your balls emptied! She says she has some time before she has to start making dinner, so would you like her to help you? You tell her yes please, and she lovingly begins stroking and sucking your cock, telling you you’ll soon feel much better. She gently nags you about not letting it get to this point again, and complains lovingly about how much work it is to look after you and your brothers, plus your father! She asks if you’d like her to put it in her pussy, and drops her trousers to slide you inside herself and bounce up and down on your cock. She gently encourages you to relax and let it all flow, and you soon shoot a huge load inside her! Your mom seems amazed by how big the load is, holding her crotch to stop it all falling out, and she reminds you to either take care of it yourself or to just come and find her for help in future, before it gets this bad!

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