Forbidden Perversions – Tammie Madison – fuck buddy FullHD mp4

Forbidden Perversions - Tammie Madison - fuck buddy FullHD mp4

Due to your increasingly awful grades, Mom has decided to get you a tutor. Being a dumb jock will not get you very far in life. However, when Mom calls your new tutor into the room your jaw drops to the floor. It is Buddy, the guy you have been pushing around and bullying for ages. There is no way that you can sit and listen to him tell you what to do.

When Mom notices the tension between you two, she figures out what is going on and she is furious. How can her son bully someone else? There is no way that she is going to let this slide. Buddy is the only person she wants to tutor you and you are going to have to learn to live with it. The only solution Mom can think of is to make Buddy feel extra special and put you in your place. She will show you that all the insults you threw at him, like ‘pencil dick’, were completing unfounded. By sucking and fucking Buddy right in front of you, you will have no choice but to concede that he has the upper hand.

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