Forbidden Perversions – The Competition: Mistress Vs Wife FullHD (1080p/


Starring Liz Rainbow and Ashley Rider
Enough is enough! You’ve been caught out. Your mistress, Liz Rainbow and your wife, Ashley Rider, have finally met. They know that you’ve been running game on them for quite some time now. It goes without saying, they are not best pleased. You’re in the bad books. This is a pretty bad situation to find yourself in. Time you used some of that famed charm to see if you can talk your way out of this one. You must be doing something right, because these two women don’t want you out of their lives, they just want you to choose once and for all, your wife or your mistress.

You’re not the best at making decisions, it’s kind of why you ended up in this mess in the first place. How are you going to decide? It feels like a trap. Whatever you say, someone is going to get angry. You have an idea, why not put the ladies through a little competition? A compare and contrast. You can judge the ladies on their assets and make your decision based on a rational points system. Good old fashion metrics to save the day!

Okay, so here’s the deal, Ashley and Liz are game for the competition; they’re angrier with one another than they are with you. They’ll do anything to prove that they are the alpha female here. They take turns showing you what they have. Starting with a striptease, then leading into flashing their breasts, butts, and pussies; Ashley and Liz invite you to touch. When the girls bend over, a twerk-off ensues, my god can these girls work their booties! Then it’s on to oral and Liz challenges Ashley to a deep throat contest; there can only be one winner, who can take it the deepest? Still struggling to decide, you suggest you move into the sex. You take both ladies in different positions. Finally, you find yourself taking turns finger banging one lady whilst you receive head from the other.

You’re unable to call the competition, so it comes down to the simplest of deciders, whoever makes you cum gets crowned the winner. Who will it be? Wife or mistress?

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