Helena Price, Syren de Mer – The Mafia Mom Syren FullHD

Helena Price, Syren de Mer - The Mafia Mom Syren FullHD

Helena Price, Syren de Mer - The Mafia Mom Syren FullHD

Helena Price

Mafia mom Syren De Mer was surprised to get some salacious advice from her case worker, Helena Price. Syren and her son chose to go into witness protection and confess against their mob family, since they mutually decided they couldn’t live with the havoc that comes along with being in ‘the family’.
Syren and Helena get to talking about how to win the case, and Helena goes off-the-record to give Syren the advice of a lifetime…

After the case worker left from her impactful meeting with Mafia Mom Syren, Syren gathered her courage to initiate sexual contact with her son. Syren knows this will be the best way to keep her son on board with the case. Have to make sure he won’t turn…Syren finds her son sitting on the couch moping, and takes the opportunity to see whats got her boy in such a mood. Of course the stress of the upcoming trial, the big move, the new place and people, especially missing his girlfriend.
Syren takes the opportunity to insert herself as the surrogate girlfriend, and with little resistance from her son, Syren initiates a special mom-son stress relief massage, and finds herself surprisingly turned on. She masturbates as she gives her son the other hand.
Since she is extra turned on, she gets a little kinky and takes off her satin panties, gives them a sniff and offers her happily-obliging son a whiff. He gets even harder as Syren jerks him into a wild fervor. When he can’t hold off anymore, she employs the panties to jerk him while he cums a huge load into her satin panties. Syren hopes this will take care of things, we will see…

To Syren’s surprise, her son was up at the table looking chipper even a few days after she had ‘given him a hand’. She was even more surprised that her son was bold enough to ask her to do more things that his girlfriend used to do. Knowing that the outcome of the upcoming trial was hanging in the balance, Syren happily obliged, right there in the dining room, giving her son the best head of his life, and enjoying a liquid breakfast of CUM!

It’s down to the wire, the day before the big trial, and the case worker, Ms Price comes back around to make sure all is well with Syren and her son. Syren divulges to Helena some of the details of the past week, and Helena encourages Syren to seal the deal by going all the way with her son. Of course Syren agrees. Besides, Syren hasn’t been laid since her split with the mob boss, and she is really curious how her son’s thick dick will feel inside of her.
After Helena leaves and son returns home, Syren goes straight after his cock wasting no time in giving giving her lingerie-clad pussy to him in doggy. Mommy also takes the reigns, stripping nude and rides him til he is on the edge of blowing his load. She takes it slow and lets him finish off by pounding her until he releases his seed into her womb. No better way to seal the deal and be sure of a smooth trial now…

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