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Scene One: Peeping Son

You watch through the cracked doorway as dad fucks mom on the edge of the bed. She looks bored as her tits bounce and she waits for him to finish. God he sucks, that was like all of 30 secondsMelanie says.

That morning at breakfast you tell your mom that you just finished reading 50 shades. She tells you that she liked that book too and that’s when you see your chance. Mom’s unhappy with her marriage and will do what a man says if he’s commanding. You tell her to come to you and you untie the front of her robe. What are you doing? She asks in a meek voice. You pull up her robe and spank her ass with a spatula. You’re waiting for her to yell at you or tell you to stop, but your mom just lets you do whatever you want to her.

Reaching your hand between her legs you finger her as you spank. She’s shaking in fear and lust. This is so wrong she thinks. Moans escape through her lips and you pull off the rest of her robe. Grabbing the back of her head you pull her toward your cock. Wait… no stop she tries to fight you off. This has gone too far as you force your dick into her mouth. She takes gasping breaths between sucks and you cum into her hot mouth. With cum dripping down her face she swallows your load and cleans up before dad catches her.

Scene Two: Mom says we should stop

The next day mom tells you that nothing like that can ever happen again.You should strip out of your clothes you respond and pull up her shirt. She does as she’s told, and you never realized how much your mom wanted to be controlled by a strong man.

You tell her to get to the floor, sucking you like an obedient woman. A whip slaps across her perfect ass while she sucks and she makes cute muffled noises as it does. Bring your ass towards my cock You tell her and she bends over, unsure of what your going to do. It’s when you put your dick inside her that she realizes her mistake. I shouldn’t be doing this she thinks as you begin to fuck her. Her body moans and screams from you fucking her. Your a very bad mother You tell her as you whip and spank her red ass. You grab her big fucking tits and thrust inside her quivering moaning body. Suddenly you stop. Was that dad’s car door shutting? Oh . You both quickly grab your clothes and leave.

Scene Three: From Mom to slave

Dad and I arent working out Your mom comes into your room to tell you. I think I’m ready to become yours She opens her robe as your submissive slave and reveals tight lacy pink bra and panties. She strips for you and touches her self for you, completely under you command.

She lovingly and submissively sucks your cock and you marvel at her soft big tits and perfect body. You could have her suck your cock forever. Her hair cascades over your body as her head goes up and down on you. She straddles your cock and slides her pussy down on top of you and she moans. You push her down onto the bed and fuck her deeply and completely until you cum inside her warm wet pussy. She bites her lip as the cum fills her up inside and makes her full of your love.

Scene Four: Making mommy pregnant

It’s recording you tell her and point the camera towards your mom’s bed. Mom, naked and horny, calls dad on her phone and tells him that they’re getting a divorce. I’m going to be with your son and he’s going to record me getting pregnant She smiles as she hangs up to his protests.

That takes care of that She says, sucking her son’s cock. He’s her new master and she loves the new subservient 50 shades life she will be living. Yes master she says taking him all the way in her mouth and moaning at worshiping his large cock. God she loves being used.

She lets her son fuck her every way he can. Her body for him to use, squeezing her large breasts and gripping her body hard while he thrusts fast and deep. Her pussy aches and tingles from her son’s cock.

Melanie screams when she feels his dick pulse and warm streams of cum start shooting inside her. It feels so wrong to get pregnant by her son that she cums like his whore. The gooey white mess fills her and shoots onto her pussy lips in a perfect cream pie. She shows her former husband the cum that fills the inside of her as she kisses him good bye. Fuck you, hope you have a nice life She tells the loser.

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