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Added: 9/5/17

Son, get in here. I’ve been putting off “the talk” with you for some time now. But now that you are of the right age and going on your very first date tonight I think it’s time. Do you know what birth control is? Don’t get shy. It’s all perfectly natural for us to have this talk. It’s also perfectly natural for you to have the desires you do. Be specific with Mommy though. Tell her exactly what turns you on? Ohhh.. you like big boobies do you? Well, do you like Mommy’s big boobies? I see you blushed. I think that’s a yes. Tell Mommy what else you like of hers and she might just show you. I’m not sure if you’ve ever masturbated before. What’s masturbating? Here, let Mommy show you.

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