Lovely Lilith – Lilith’s Software Upgrade: Chapter 5 – System Flush FullHD (1080p/


After several weeks without an “incident”, Lilith reaches out to a colleague from her past. She remembered a lecture he gave in regards to nanotech being able to convert matter at the cellular level.
While on a long distance video call with him, she confesses to the mistake of consuming a large quantity of black market tech. Because of those circumstances, she was left unable to go to a hospital. The doctor suggests she show him one of her episodes so he can better help her situation.
Reluctantly, she works herself into an excited state, triggering her breasts to fill with fluid and expand. She refuses to go any further, as the entire experience is too embarrassing to share with him.

The doctor convinces her to upload her nanotech data to a server that he can access, to which she trustingly obliges. Once able to hack into her tech, the Doctor decides to instigate a System Flush– without Lilith’s permission– and without realizing Lilith had removed all emergency protocols during her experiments.

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