Lovely Lilith – Please Don’t Evict Me, I’ll do Anything FullHD (1080p/


Look I know rent was due today, but I just don’t have the money. I’ve tried to get enough, but I just can’t make ends meet. Can you just give me a break? No? Not even an extension? Are you serious? What am I supposed to do- I can’t live on the streets!
Can I barter with you? I’ll work around the apartments– do maintenance– your laundry! ANYTHING!
There’s really….nothing… I can do? Look, I know something you might want. We both know you check me out all the time…. what if I let you see my tits?… WHY are you laughing? That’s not good enough?… Okay… Well you can touch them then….
WHAT?! You want to fuck them? And get sucked off… and you want me to ride your cock?…. I don’t know… That seems a bit extreme… Is there anything less I can do?… NO?
Okay… so if I do this with you, I won’t lose my apartment? … Alright. Come inside. Let’s do this before my boyfriend gets home…

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