Primal’s ROBO KINK – Lilith’s Full Session HD




Lilith is the sister of Emma, who we saw some time back over her issues with people thinking she is uptight. Lilith seems to be just as cold and prude as her sister, and just as susceptible to our programming

PART 1 – Initial Conditioning – We put Lilith under and program her, she is made limp, made to mindlessly remove clothes, we also make her think it is her idea to take off more clothes to prove that she is not uptight and she doesn’t care what we think. We have her completely programmed.

PART 2 – Mindless Orgasms – We command Lilith to use the wand and force herself to one intense Mindless Orgasm after another. Her body sakes and her eye roll as she struggles to repeat her mantras as she cums over and over

PART 3 – Appropriate Behavior Part One – Lilith instructs us on what is proper and acceptable behavior, but with the simple word “please” she unknowingly does every thing we ask, including stripping, masturbating to orgasm and giving a blowjob, all the while explaining how inappropriate it would be

Part 4 -Appropriate Behavior Part Two – Lilith continues to “educate” on how to act properly, but still, the word please has her getting finger fucked to orgasms and then fucked hard to a facial, still explaining how she would never, and how rude and inappropriate it is to even suggest such sexual things

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