Robot and Limp Videos – Cory Chase – Molly Jane in Do You Compute HD (Clips4sale/720/2015)




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Scene One: Reprogramming Promise

Molly is a rich do nothing bitch. She’s on the phone arguing with her father about how her allowance isn’t big enough when her father’s maid bot walks into the room. Molly asks him to let her reprogram the robot to make it do what Molly wants. He tells her no and that it’s dangerous.Ok daddy I promise I won’t reprogram the robot Molly says crossing her fingers. Resetting the robot Molly begins to work I am whatever you want master, make me your mannequin The robot says. Molly giggles playing with her new toy.
She takes a vibrator and places it on the robots pussy. Orgasm sequence initiated It says moaning and shaking. Molly smiles That’s right robot she says smiling and touching herself. Sensory overload, powering down, malfunction The robot says stammering and falling over. Oh , I broke the robot Molly says. Her dad is going to her. She winds the robot back up and sees it power up. Secondary initiative activated, Look into my eyes the robot says and holds Molly by the shoulders with her strong robot grip. You are now a robot, program download the robot tells her. Data is driven into Molly’s mind, rewiring her brain and forever erasing the old Molly. Downloading… downloading… success… Robot Molly activated?

Scene Two: New robot slut

The robots stand side by side as robot Cory gives her commands based on her programming. She removes Molly’s cloths. Yes master what is your command. Robot Molly says. Cory activates her mannequin mode and plays with her now robotic body, positioning her and feeling her breasts.

With the same vibrator robot Cory checks her orgasm sequence. Orgasm sequence initiated Molly says. She moans and shakes until she malfunctions and shuts down. Cory winds her back up and initiates her How may I assist you master Molly says. The two robots sit on the couch Mutual orgasm initiated Cory says and the bots start to rub each other. They moan as they roboticaly rub each others pussies. Yes master I will obey Cory and Molly say as they bring themselves to orgasm. Malfunction The robots say and shut down.
You walk in to find them both shut down on the couch and quickly figure out what happened. You told your daughter not to reprogram Cory and now look at her. You reactivate them and have them self orgasm on the couch. You always found your daughter hot and all she did was use you money. At least now you will get your monies worth from her.
You make Molly pull down your shorts and suck your cock as Cory continues to masturbate. Yes master I will obey? They both moan as they do as their told.

Scene Three: Robotic blowjob and fuck

You make them get to either side of you as you lays back and watch. Robot sluts, commence blowjob sequence. You tell them. Yes master I will obey They say together as they suck on your hard cock like good robots.
With your cock wet and hard you commands robot Molly to get on top and fuck you while robot Cory plays with her tits. Molly looks at you with lifeless eyes as she does as she’s told. Oh Oh, Orgasm complete She moans fucking you perfectly. Repeat sequence you says smiling and making her cum again on your cock.
With their asses in the air you command them to make out while you fuck robot Cory. You loves making Molly into your robot slut toy and fuck her tight pussy just like you always wanted too. Orgasm sequence initiated Molly says as she makes out with Cory. You fuck her pussy and make Cory masturbate and orgasm while Molly sucks her big tits.

Scene Four: Robot Makeup
You continue to fuck your bitch robot daughter, making robot Cory masturbate and cum. Robot Molly goes through her orgasm sequence as well cumming and moaning for you. You fuck her on the couch just like you always dreamed of. Your obedient robot whore.
On your knees You tell them. Yes master I will obey They intone. They jerk you and suck your cock We are here for your cum disposal Robot Cory says. Yes master, please we want your cum Robot Molly adds. We are your super sluts, give us your cum master. Molly says We are your cum dumpsters, Use us as your cum dumpsters master Cory tells you. They beg you for your cum and stick out their tongues for you to cum on. We want your cum master, please feed us your cum. they beg you in their robotic voices. You cum a huge load all over their faces. Thank you master They tell you.
They kiss and share your cum at your command. You tell them to shut down on the couch Yes master I will obey. Shut down sequence initiated they say. You leave them naked and covered in cum until your horny again. Two perfect robot sluts.

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