Jerky Wives Cory Chase – Gamblers Wife FullHD (1080p/


Scene One: A milf for his life

Her husband’s been . After looking through his things Cory finds out that he owed a lot of money to a loan shark. Her idiot husband is going to get himself unless she does something. With love for her husband in her heart she visits the loan shark to ask for more time.

“What are you doing?” She pleads as the loan shark touches her leg. He knows how much her husband owes and promises of money aren’t going to be enough. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way” He tells her grabbing her pussy. He makes her get to her knees and suck his cock, the good little housewife sucking and fucking to save her husband. She even gives up her tight little ass in the hopes that this will be enough. When the man cums all over her face she thinks it will all be over. “Bring me my fucking money in a month” He yells at her.

Scene Two: Milf always pays her debts

It’s been an month and Cory has no where near enough money to pay for her husband. Putting on a tight dress she hopes she can workout the same deal as before. When the mobster asks for the cash she pulls up her dress to show her naked pussy. “I don’t have the money right now. I hope this will give me an extra 30 days.” She whimpers.

“Looks like something we can work out” He tells her taking her to the bathroom and forcing her to the floor. Cory sucks the mobsters cock feeling worse and worse about it as she does. What a whore she’s become for her husband, bending herself over the sink and letting a stranger fuck her pussy and ass. He has her clean his cock before dumping his disgusting load all over her face. “You have one month to pay us back or your going to be my private whore you understand?” He leaves her destroyed on the floor. How is she ever going to get that much money.


Scene Three: My Husbands Wake

“If there’s anything you need” He says to Cory touching her ass as she gets ready. Her husbands wake is going right outside the bedroom and he has the audacity to touch her. “You’re married! Get your hands off of me pervert, it’s your brother’s wake” Cory screams at him and makes him leave. But as she looks in the mirror a plan forms in her head.

Her husband left her nothing but bills when he died and her rich bother in law has always had the hots for her. Just as he’s about to leave the wake she confronts him and tells him he can finger her for 500 dollars. At first he’s shocked, but as Cory pulls up her dress to show him her naked pussy he can’t help but touch her hot wet pussy lips.

She bring him to the bedroom and tells him for 500 more he can fuck her mouth. Her tight red lips curl around him as she puts all her sad feelings into lust. A part of her thinks what she’s doing is so wrong, but after her husbands she just stopped giving a fuck. Cory opens her legs and looks into his eyes. “For a thousand you can stick that cock inside me”

Without hesitation he pulls down his pants and fucks her hot pussy. Slapping her ass and making her moan with his hard cock. He puts his hand around her throat and fucks her viciously on his brother’s bed. He always hated his brother and this feels like some sick revenge. “For 2000 you can be the first man to ever fuck my ass” Cory says. In a final act of vengeance he fucks his brother’s wife’s tight little ass hole and makes her scream in pain and pleasure. Cory gets to her knees and takes his big load all over her mourning face. Is she a bad girl with cum dripping down her face or just a whore.

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