Mom Lets Son Lift Her and Grind Her Hot Ass Until He Cums in His Shorts HD 2015


A smoking hot MILF is standing in the kitchen scantily clad in a very short satin robe and taking about all the things she needs to get done. She still has to get dinner going and she almost immediately runs into trouble as she can’t reach something in the cupboard. So, she calls in her 21 year old son.
He comes in and asks what’s going on. Mom says how she needs to reach something and as she does this she is moving around the kitchen and bending over. Her ass and tits are hanging out of the tiny robe and her son takes notice.
Mom tells him it is not appropriate to check out his mother. He says sorry and then says he can help with the item. He goes behind her and as he reaches she brushes the font of his shorts where his cock is with her nice ass. This gets him hard and in no time at all he is grinding his mom’s sweet ass.
She keeps saying it is not right but he keeps grinding away. He asks if they can fuck and she says absolutely not, but she finally relents and tells him he can grind until he cums in his pants.
She still needs that item so he lifts her up and the grinding really gets intense. He stops for a moment to take her robe off and lifts her again grinding her ass and grabbing her big tits as he does. It isn’t long before he is shooting a huge cumshot his boxers.
He finally gets what she is wanting in the cupboard and says he is off to shower. Mom is left in the kitchen with a sly smile on her face but still needing to make dinner.

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