Kinky Visions – Aaliyah Taylor – Molly Jane Cheating with Aaliyah’s Man HD (720p/


Added: 8/8/15

Candi Chains the Diapered Flower GirlAaliyah has a big day planned for her baby Candi and wakes her up from her sleep to tell her the good news, she has been asked to be the flower girl at Aaliyahs Aunt’s wedding. Candi has no clue what to expect and really doesn’t have a choice on what is going to happen, so she sits and plays while her mommy gets dressed for the wedding. Aaliyah brings out her little flower girls outfit and lays her down to get her diaper changed. Since it will be a long wedding, she puts Candi in a thick white diaper with two stuffers in so she doesn’t have to stop during the wedding to get changed. Candi is then dressed in a short dress and petticoat that will not hide her diaper, and last is her white tights and shoes. Aaliyah has her baby practice walking down the aisle and pretending to throw flowers, but she isn’t happy with her babys performance and gives her a few good swats on her padded bum and threatens to spank her again if she isn’t doing a good job. Aaliyah gives her baby one last look over before they leave to go to the wedding.

Molly Jane Cheating with Aaliyahs Man – Bondage RevengeAaliyah has found out that her friend has been Cheating with her man and isn’t happy, but she has a plan for revenge. She Gets Molly convinced to tie herself to the bed and try something kinky with who Molly thinks is Keven, not Aaliyah. Molly takes her time getting her bondage gear on and is excited to try something kinky with Kevin, so once she is tied up she wiggles with excitement. Over time Aaliyah sneaks in and touches and cuff Molly the rest of the way so she can’t move any more and then breaks the news that she has been caught and Aaliyah is going to fuck her like the whore she is. Aaliyah puts her strapon on and fucks Molly and makes her gag on her own juices when Aaliyah shoves the strapon in her mouth. Aaliyah has her fun and makes sure Molly can’t escape and leaves her tied to the bed.


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