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Waiting/Reception area fuck during lunch

Mom walks into the reception/waiting area, bringing with her lunch. Dad’s at the counter/front desk doing paper work. Little does mom know her daughter is behind the counter looking up at daddy while giving him a bj.
She asks dad how the daughter is doing. He looks down and thinks for a moment as the daughter looks up and sucks extra hard. He tell mom she’s been hard at work and has been nothing but pleasant. She tells dad she’s gonna head home for a sec and come back, since her friend was suppose to drop something off for her.

(All the while, the daughter is looking up at daddy and is constantly sucking)

When she leaves, the daughter gets up, goes to the front door and locks the door, telling daddy that she take her job seriously and wants to do a proper job. She comes up to her daddy, exciting him with dirty talk and jumps on his cock. Action and dirty talk continues in various positions until someone tries to open the locked front door. Moments later dad gets a call from mom. He continues to fuck his daughter while the mom is asking him why the front door was closed/locked. He replies that his in the back eating lunch. She asks why the daughter isn’t picking up either, and he tells her the daughter is following his rule and probably put the cell on vibrate or silent. He says give him a sec and he’ll come to the front to open the door.

Dad hangs up and tells his daughter moms just outside the front door. Daughter asks her dad to cum inside her quickly so mom doesn’t grow suspicious of how long it takes him to open the front door. Dad cums inside his daughter, pulls up his pants and goes to the front door. Meanwhile the daughter puts on her clothes, with dad’s cum still inside her, as dad lets mom in. Dad points at his daughters panties on the ground, while he diverts mom’s attention. Daughter hides the panties while mom isn’t looking. Dad takes mom to the office room, and the daughter gets up and goes to the washroom to clean up.

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