Primal’s Taboo Sex – Jade’s Brother Takes Every Hole HD ( 720p/ 2015)



Part One – Jade Needs Money BAD – My sister Jade comes knocking on my door, being all cute, expecting to get whatever she wants. And this time she wants to borrow A LOT of money. She won’t admit she is in some kind of trouble though. Well she should get a job, or go strip, whether she thinks she is “old enough” or not she should find a way to make her own money. I decide she should strip for me, and when I threaten to tell dad she is in some kind of trouble she gives in, since she tries to make me feel bad I decide I want more. I love the look on her face when I fill her bratty mouth with a huge load. I make her suck me off everyday until she pays me back the money I lend her

Part Two – Jades Brother finds the pregnancy test – so I see my sister Jade very carefully hiding something in the trash. I check it out, and sure enough its a pregnancy test. When I come up being nice she is immediately bitchy about how she already paid me back and doesn’t need to “do it” any more and I can go jerk myself off. Well when I hold up the little bag she tried to hide I know I have her. Since she is giving up her pussy to some douche out there I figure she should give it to me. First I make her start sucking, and she gets a little into it, moaning a little bit, it was getting like that, every time I made her suck me off she seemed to be getting more into my cock. Well, that’s good cus now she is going to get it deep in her. She is shocked and tries to beg, but I make her a little bet, and when her pussy turns out to be wet I don’t let her get out of it. I fuck her deep and hard, her pussy is fucking GOOD!, And what do you know? she gets even wetter and cums on my dick TWICE! I fill her her pussy with a huge cream pie, she freaks out and squeezes her tight little box trying to push it out. Like she is worried about getting pregnant lol

Part Three – Jade’s Brother Takes her Ass – So Jade has been recovering from getting her problem fixed, and I have been patient, but she hasn’t even blown me or jerked me off in days. I have gotten used to a having a hot little slut right down the hall taking care of my cock whenever I want. She tries to get out of it but she just puts and does what I tell her, but then after all her complaining the little bitch cums on my dick, but then tells me she is too sore and wants to stop. Well, since her pussy can’t take it I turn her over and take her ass. She can’t believe it but I have gotten her used to giving in to me. I fuck her ass and she can barely take it, at first. But true little whore that she is, after a good amount of fucking she starts to moan, and I make her cum a few times despite breaking in her virgin ass. I get her down on the floor so I can get even deeper in her ass and then I fill her with cum again. She is wiped out from cumming so hard and having both her pussy and her ass taken, and now I know, she will give me everything I want from now on

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