jaybbgirl – Daddy Deserves A Harem FullHD 1080p

jaybbgirl - Daddy Deserves A Harem FullHD 1080p

shhh! Is my Mom in the shower? Good. I need to tell you something. Come to my room after she goes to bed. Okay? Don’t tell her I was here, it’s a secret. I’ll see you in a little bit. —– I knew you’d come Daddy. I’ve been waiting to call you that, ever since you married my mom. Do you like hearing me call you that? All my college friends are going to be so jealous. Now what I really need to tell you is that I’m in love with you Daddy. I’ve dreamed about being able to do things to you, things my mom doesn’t. You deserve so much. Here, let me suck your cock Daddy. I’ll make you feel amazing. You know what would be even better? Having multiple girls sucking you off. All my friends want to. We talk about you al the time. We could all take turns pleasing you. Oh please fuck me Daddy, I just love you so much I need it in my pussy. Fuck yes! I can’t wait to tell them and have them come over and share you. I know I’ll always be your number one. Cum inside me Daddy. Please? I love you so much. You’re such a good Daddy. Please, please, I’m begging for your cum. Just think about the harem you’ll have. Give me your creampie Daddy.

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