Jaybbgirl – Jealous Sister FullHD 1080p

Jaybbgirl - Jealous Sister FullHD 1080p

Where have you been, you’re never home anymore. We had plans. You got a girlfriend? Oh. What? No, I’m not jealous. Just WE had plans and I don’t like being blown off. Especially for some — chick. I wasn’t going to be mean…I don’t even know her. What’s she like? Have you guys even had sex yet? It’s not a weird question, unless you guys haven’t. Dang. She hasn’t let you fuck her? Must suck to be you. It’ll happen soon enough I’m sure. WOW, she’s waiting until marriage? What a prude. So, hypothetically. If another girl came along who was cool, you could do things with, and let you fuck her would you break up with your bitch of a girlfriend? Well, she sounds like a bitch. You would? Soooooo. What about me?

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