JERKY SLUTS Alyssa Hart, Chloe Skyy – Taboo Sisters Milk Uncle FullHD 1080p

JERKY SLUTS Alyssa Hart, Chloe Skyy - Taboo Sisters Milk Uncle FullHD 1080p

Uncle Steve can you help Alyssa not get pregnant…..

Alyssa has just turned 18 and has her first date tonight. Her step-sister Chloe knows how boys are and wants to teach her younger step-sister how to keep boys out of her pants. They go to their Uncle Steves house so she can demonstrate on him for her step-sister. Uncle Steve I need your help. Chloe tells him. She explains that she needs to teach Alyssa how to give handjobs so her date get horny and try to get in her pants. You wouldnt want her getting pregnant would you Uncle Steve? she asks. Their uncle agrees and Chloe shows her step-sister how to get all that nasty goo out of her date so he behaves himself. Once hes hard pour some of this slick stuff on his cock so your hands glide up and down. Chloe explains.

The slutty sisters take turns jerking their uncles dick and Alyssa asks, How am I doing Uncle Steve? He tells her shes doing great for her first time and she should take after her big step-sister. What happens when he you know Alyssa asks. Watch this Chloe tells her and spits on her uncles cock. She shows her how to stroke and twist over the head until it starts to swells and OMG looks at that stuff come out. So thats what happens Alyssa sequels. Just then the phone rings.. Theres my date

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