Jolie Lyon – Dad And Daughter Reunited With Impregnation FullHD

Jolie Lyon - Dad And Daughter Reunited With Impregnation FullHD

Jolie Lyon

When she was a teen, some time after her mother passed, you and your daughter shared a special night together. One hot, humid night you simply came home drunk, stumbled into her room, and started caressing her. She was hesitant at first. But you both needed to be close to each other. It was stupid, it was risky. You got lucky – she didn’t get pregnant. After that night, you both agreed to never let that happen again .

Now, after some financial issues, your daughter is moving back in with you along with her husband. It’s good, having her in the house with you again, but there is some tension in the air between you. Sometimes, you stare at her body just a second too long, and you know she notices. Luckily, her husband seems as clueless as he seems dull – you don’t mind the guy, but don’t all fathers feel their daughter deserves better?
One night, you wake up from your daughter crawling into your bed, much like you crawled in to hers that one time years ago. She’s on top of you under the covers, her big eyes staring up at you. ‘Daddy’, she says, ‘I know we said we’d never do it again, but I need you now’. When you came inside her back then, you awakened a lust inside her. She’s never stopped thinking of your seed, never stopped wanting it. She’s been wanting a baby for a long time now – but not her husbands. She wants yours. While he restss in the next room, you fuck her… breed her.
Your life will never be the same after this – and neither will hers, or her husbands. She belongs to you now. She’s your wife – your princess, your little girl. Just like back then, forever.

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