Kelly Payne – Day Dreaming Of Mom HD 720p

 Kelly Payne - Day Dreaming Of Mom HD 720p

Kelly is happy to have you home for the week, your room is exactly as it’s always been, and she is eager to get back to a normal routine and spend some quality time with you. She comes into your room to tell you goodnight and give you a night kiss, and you fall into a daze and suddenly mom whispering to you and wearing that black lingerie you’ve been hiding in your dresser for years, you’ve always imagined her wearing it. dreaming about her and it feels so real. She wants you, she’s teasing you, riding you, encouraging you to fuck her, to watch her squirt and cum for you, your almost about to cum when you snap out of it and your mom is there telling you to wake up, you’re going to be late. When you finally get up still feeling a little out of it there your mom is doing laundry looking. so. beautiful. and again you find yourself in a daze, and your mom is wearing a sexy maid outfit and again playing with herself squirting all over the sofa and then sucking your cock, begging for your cum and again right before your about to cum you’ve snapped out of it again and moms there asking If your feeling alright, and suggests going back and laying down, you seem off today. Next thing you know moms in your room bent over and apologizes for waking you, she can’t seem to find her phone, you both chat for a bit and before you know it your back into a daze, and mom’s asking if your hard again and want to cum. and again right before your about to fill her pussy full of cum you snap back out of it and your mom is rubbing your head asking if you’re sure you’re okay? You convince her your okay, and she leaves to try to find her phone. Trying again to finally relax. you doze off and this time you can hear your mom’s voice, encouraging you to cum for her, talking dirty to you. but again you snap out of it, it’s mom again. she forgot to give you a goodnight kiss. After she leaves, you return to the daze. only this time you fill her pussy full of cum. only to again be woken up by mom hurrying you to get out of bed, your friends are already here. Get Up. Wake Up! Wake Up!

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