kwgirlx – Sister Wedding Mix Up FullHD

kwgirlx - Sister Wedding Mix Up FullHD

kwgirlx – Sister Wedding Mix Up

The whole family has to attend a family wedding. I bring my boyfriend but my mum makes me, my boyfriend, and you (my younger brother) all stay in separate rooms. Annoying. I want to fuck my boyfriend. The wedding reception runs late and I decide to sneak into my boyfriend’s room and fuck him. I pull open the door and get under the covers to surprise him and start sucking him off. But as soon as I reveal myself from under the covers, I’m shocked to find I’ve actually been sucking off my brother’s dick?? I snuck into the wrong room. You’re just as shocked as me, since you were expecting a hook up with the girl you met at the reception. You’re a virgin. You’ve never even had your dick sucked, and now your older sister just took it. At first we both decide not to tell anyone and for me to go, but then you start to get harder and I admit I actually liked your dick in my mouth. I decide I’ll be the first to take my brother’s virginity, show you the ropes. But I actually just like the idea that everyone you fuck after will be compared to me. Of course you don’t bring any condoms and expected the girl to bring them, but I tell you not to worry as I’m birth control and I know when to pull out. I start POV riding you and just as you’re close to coming, I keep you inside me. I want that hot cum in me. There’s a twist at the end you’ll have to wait and see.

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