Lady Fyre – Drunk Mother’s Wedding Gift to Son FullHD 2015



Added: 6/17/15

It’s your wedding day, and your mother pulls you into the coat closet at the reception hall. She starts talking about what a beautiful wedding it was, and how your bride is beautiful– also with fair skin & red hair. Mother is a little tipsy & keeps taking swigs from her bottle of wine. She asks what you’re going to do on your wedding night. Sure you’ll have champagne & rose petals… but what she means is: Do you really know how to please your new wife?

All the sudden she’s undoing your belt buckle, and you’re not sure what’s going on at first, but she explains that she wants to show you how to please your wife. You try to fight her off, but you don’t try very hard. Mother has always wanted the best for you, you remember. She kisses your penis, and then to your surprise she starts giving you a blowjob. She tells you to lie down, and she climbs on top of you, putting your hard cock inside of her. It feels so good that you don’t even try to resist. She turns around & rides you backwards, then she fucks you doggystyle. Mommy is so hot. You can’t even believe how good it feels to bed inside her wet pussy. Finally she titty fucks you, and tells you to cum for mommy. This is mother’s wedding present to her son: teaching you some tricks, and then making you cum. She says her motivation is to help you last longer on your wedding night.

You cum all over mommy’s tits, then you hear an announcement over the PA system that they’re looking for the groom. Mommy helps you into your underwear, shoves your swollen, wet cock into your pants & buttons up your shirt. It’s time to go dance with your new wife.

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