Lady Fyre – Instant Gratification erotic magic FullHD 1080p

Lady Fyre - Instant Gratification erotic magic FullHD 1080p

Custom (no name): You’re a stud with a big cock who is quite experienced with women. Your whole life you’ve been able to get any woman you want. At first you appreciated them, but as you had sex with more & more of them over the years, you became jaded. You’ve heard of a sensual witch who helps men who are struggling in their sex lives. She has the ability to read men & their deficiencies through having sex with them. Yet you believe that your penis is so amazing, and your stamina so great that she’ll read you & pronounce you flawless. After taking you into her mouth, she determines that there is an issue that needs further study. You’re confused & angry. How dare this woman tell you that there’s a problem. She puts your cock inside her & rides you. Sex is no longer satisfying to you. That’s why you sought me out.

The enchantress promises that she can solve this problem. She performs a ritual, says a spell, and then begins to have sex with you again, assuring you that your pleasure will be increased. You can feel it immediately. In fact… wait a minute… you feel like you’re going to cum already. She starts stroking your cock & you explode in orgasm. How did that happen? You never cum that fast. She laughs & explains that you’re a vain, selfish man. You were no longer getting any pleasure from sex because you took for granted the power of a woman, the power of pussy. The spell she cast will make you a premature ejaculator forever. You’ll never last longer than a few minutes inside of a woman. The power of pussy will forever be overwhelming to you. She humiliates you, telling how you’ll never be able to pound at a women again. From now on, you’ll need to learn how to please her first… with your hands or mouth… before you can even hope to come near her pussy with your cock. Maybe if you get good enough at pleasuring women through selfless acts, they might overlook your premature ejaculation issue. But most likely you’ll endure a life of humiliation, perhaps by the very women who you viewed as conquests in the past.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:11:50
Size: 624 Mb

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