Laura Bentley, Parker Ambrose – Dad’s Downstairs FullHD

Laura Bentley, Parker Ambrose - Dad's Downstairs

Laura Bentley, Parker Ambrose - Dad's Downstairs

Laura Bentley has injured her ankle, and her son Thomas (Parker Ambrose) drives her home to the family home, as she refuses to go to the hospital.

He chivalrously carries her upstairs to her bed, and then heads back downstairs to fetch some ice from the kitchen for her ankle. No sooner has he left the bedroom, but mom springs from the bed unharmed, going to her mirror to spruce up. What’s the MILF got in mind for her youngster?

Thomas returns with an ice pack as well as a cup of lavender tea for his stepmom. Before he leaves her to rest, she asks him to help with her zipper to get out of her dress. She impulsively gives him a great big kiss, and Thomas shyly turns to leave. Wincing with pain as she tries to get back in bed, mom needs his help once again, and rewards him with a vote of confidence, saying: “I love you, baby. I appreciate you”. Tom confesses: “I love you too, but I want to do things I shouldn’t”.

“Tell me what you want to do to me”, she insists. “I can’t. You’re my stepmom and dad will be home at any moment”, he complains. “You haven’t spent much time alone with a woman, have you?”, she asks. Thomas admits that’s true. She beckons him to join her on the bed and declares: “We can take this slow”. “Maybe we shouldn’t”, Tom protests, but his stepmom won’t take no for an answer.

“Tell me what you want, Tom”, she purrs as her hand gently rubs the front of his jeans. Getting no response, she gets bolder, suggesting: “Here, we’ll just pretend that your dad is already downstairs. Then, if he does come in, we’ll already be quiet and he won’t know. He usually doesn’t come upstairs. He’ll go into the kitchen and watch TV. We’ll have time”.

She’s successfully worn down her stepson’s resistance, “Tell mommy what you want to do to her”, she murmurs. “I want to kiss you again, mom”, he replies. “And what else?, she asks. “Your nipples -I want to make them hard. I want to suck them and lick them”, Thomas says. While they’re French kissing, a loud noise is heard from downstairs, but they blame it on the cat, and Thomas locks the bedroom door. “What do you want to do to mommy?”, she reiterates. “I want to make you cum, mom”, he responds. “Remember, quiet”, she emphasizes.

After he kisses her nipples as promised, she whispers: “Let mommy show you how wet she is”. Thomas removes her panties, and lightly licks her pussy. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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