Lesbian Mommys Birthday Idea – very special for you Son FullHD

So, sweetheart, your birthday is coming up and Mommy just wanted to make it really special for you. Well, you know how we have always been so open about our sexual preferences, women we find attractive, that sort of thing? Mommy was thinkingit would be fun to bring home another woman to have a little fun together. What do you think? Of course you wouldnt be having sex with Mommy, but we would be having sex with her at the same time.

Maybe this will help you understand sweetie, she and Mommy could wear something like this. Isnt it sexy? Its not wrong if you see me like this honey; its all because Mommy wants to make this day very special for you. So when I say having sex with her, I mean Mommy will spread her legs like thisand lick her pussy while you put your penis in her mouth.

Sweetheart, you seem to really enjoy that idea Im so glad! Would you also like to have sex with her? Not just putting it in her mouth, but in her pussy. Oh Mommy likes that so much, honey.

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