Lewdestbunnie – Daughters Womb Used to Grow the Family FullHD

Lewdestbunnie - Daughters Womb Used to Grow the Family FullHD


On her 18th birthday, your daughter comes home from highschool and expects a party, but what she sees is you and your wife sitting on her bed ready to have an important talk. You’ve wanted to have another offspring for a while now, and after no success with getting your wife pregnant, the two of you realized there may be another way to have another offspring… but it requires your daughter to be 18. Now the day has come, and you tell your daughter the duty she must perform. She doesn’t take the news well. First she thinks it’s a birthday prank, then she tries to reason that she can get impregnated by a boy her age, but that won’t give you what you want. You and your wife need the offspring to be a true relative, and the only way that can happen is by you impregnating your teen daughter. Infact, she won’t even have a birthday party until she accepts this. She’s still a bit grossed out, but accepts her duty.

She wants to do it quick, have her mommy warm you up and then have you switch and fill your daughter, but that’s not the way you want it. You want to enjoy the conception, to take it slow and appreciate breeding the body that you made. You have your daughter strip slowly, and show her teenage body off to you. You admire her big, grown tits, and although she’s reluctant to show you, you love when your daughter pulls her panties down to show you the pussy you’ll breed. Even your wife thinks it’s hot to watch the taboo situation, and the two of you want to see if your daughter is secretly enjoying it too so you ask her to finger herself and show you if she’s wet. She pulls her fingers out of her fertile pussy and they’re coated in sticky cum. Looks like a love of taboo does run in the family, even if your daughter won’t admit it (yet!). You’re ready to go further, you want your daughter to play with the cock that made her. Still reluctant, she strokes you and sucks you, obeying her daddy. You love the feel of your daughter’s tight throat so much that you can’t help but spill some of your seed early, and your daughter is shocked as she feels the cum that made her dripping down her throat and into her tummy. You’re clearly more than ready to fill your daughter with cum, so you have her spread her pussy for you. She tells you she’s a virgin and that turns you on even more. It feels right for a daddy to claim his daughter like this, especially as she’s servicing the family. All her reluctance fades when daddy’s dick enters her tight teen hole. It’s like her pussy was made for your cock. The taboo is so sexy you daughter notices her mommy fingering herself as she watches! Your daughter begs for your cum, she truly wants to have her father’s seed in her teen womb, she truly wants to grow the family now! Of course you give her her first 18th birthday present— a big hot load of daddy’s cum that will turn into your future offspring!

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