Liz Jordan, Ricky Spanish – My Virginity Is A Burden V

Liz Jordan, Ricky Spanish – My Virginity Is A Burden V

Liz Jordan, Ricky Spanish – My Virginity Is A Burden V

Liz Jordan comes home in her schoolgirl outfit as Ricky (Spanish), her stepbrother, is on the phone planning a party. The siblings have the house to themselves while their parents are away in North Carolina, but don’t agree on how to live it up in the interim. She wants to borrow daddy’s car, though he forbade it, and isn’t interested in asking her girlfriends to come to Ricky’s unapproved party even though he’s promised they’ll be there to keep his buddies company.

Instead Liz and her friend Lisa are going to a night club with fake IDs, neither sibling afraid of getting into trouble once their parents return. Ricky flatters her and eventually convinces Liz to change her plans and make his party a success. He hugs her in gratitude, and she makes it clear it’s on one condition. “I don’t know what it is, but you owe me one”, she tells him, and they make a pinkie promise to seal the deal.

Later, the sound of the guys whooping it up at the party are heard, as Liz goes to her bedroom carrying a drink. Ricky visits her and finds that she’s upset. She confides in him, that she’s still a virgin. “I’m just not as good with the guys as you are with the ladies”, she admits. She makes fun of all the girls she’s seen coming in and out of his room, and suddenly mounts on top of Ricky, making fake moans.

Ricky shushes her, declaring: “They’re going to get the wrong impression!”, as he hears loud knocking on the locked bedroom door. “Exactly. I want them to think I’m losing my virginity”, she explains. “They think that you’re Mark (her would-be boyfriend from the party). “No, this is a bad idea, sis”, he maintains, but she insists: “You owe me, remember?”. Liz starts dry humping on top of him, moaning loudly, and Ricky laughs at her attempts to mimic what she’s heard in dirty movies.

“Well, if you’re so experienced, why don’t you just show me yourself?”, she demands. He reverses their positions, throwing her on her back on the bed, and pretends to hump her, still both fully clothed. The physical contact starts turning both of them on for real, but Ricky doesn’t feel right, even pretending -after all, she’s his stepsister. Threatening to tell their parents about his throwing the party, she insists they continue, and that he remove his pants. “You’re zipper’s rubbing on me and it’s uncomfortable”, she explains.

Reluctantly he obliges, revealing a huge boner in his underpants. “Oh wow, that’s so big”, Liz remarks. He’s embarrassed, but she demands: “Just get on top of me again”. Their fake sounds of passion turn real as he simulates sex with her, and she suggests: “Do you want to see my tits?”. Things accelerate when she shows him, and he naturally covers her nipples with his lips. They continue “pretending” but soon pass the point of no return. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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