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“Please, let me spend the night. Harmony is so lucky to have you, I wish you were my stepdad.” Lexi pleads, with her little tongue gliding over her braces.

“Lexi was telling me how much she adores you, how you’re the best step-daddy in the world. Can she call you step-daddy?” Harmony asks, already knowing the answer as her stepfather stares at the glittering metal in Lexi’s mouth.

“Please step-daddy?” Lexi begs with a smile.

“Don’t worry, step-mom’s still at work.” Harmony reassures her step-daddy, but for how long? He wonders.

“I promise to be a good little girl Step-Daddy, just like Harmony. Can I show you step-daddy? Can I kiss you?“

“Can she? Please, while step-mommy’s gone?” Harmony begs rubbing his thigh, but he resists as best he can, what if she told someone?

“I promise no one will know step-daddy. I’ll keep it a secret.” Lexi says, almost as if she can read his mind.

“Isn’t she pretty step-daddy? Wouldn’t you like to feel her mouth on yours?”

“Wouldn’t you like to feel our tongues swirling around your mouth step-daddy?”

“Don’t you want to feel her braces on your lips as she kisses you step-daddy?”

“Do you like how cute and innocent they make me look step-daddy?” Lexi teases. He does, he loves how they look and he wants so badly to taste them. “Don’t you want to know what it’s like to have two little girl’s fighting to swirl their tongues deep inside your mouth?”

“It’s what you deserve step-daddy” Harmony says as they take off their tops and tease him with their young bodies.

“You deserve to have two girls pleasuring you all day everyday.”

“Let us do that step-daddy”

“Let your daughters take care of you, let us show you how much better we are then step-mommy.” Harmony says as the both begin to share him.

“We love you step-daddy” Harmony whispers in his ear as Lexi licks him lips. They trade off kissing and whispering as he never has a moment to think straight. He squeezes their little asses as they rub his hardening cock.

“We love you so much” Lexi says her braces grazing the skin on his neck and his hard cock now in Harmony’s little hand. He’s ready to give it and fuck these two right there when he hears his wife’s car pull in.

“Step-Mommy’s home. Come see us tonight step-daddy?” Harmony begs, before they run upstairs.

Later that night Harmony and Lexi slip her step-mom a napping pill and send step-daddy sexy pics of them wearing slutty little school uniforms, hoping that he won’t be able to resist. Sure enough, he finds himself between two little girls kissing and licking him. They whisper so as not to wake step-mommy, begging to be his little fucktoy, begging to pleasure him. “Oh step-daddy, this is where you belong, with two little girls worshiping you.” Harmony tells him between kisses.

“Please don’t make us stop. We just want to be good little girls for you step-daddy.” Lexi begs as she starts to stroke his cock. “We just want to make you happy.”

“We’ll do anything for you step-daddy” Harmony confesses as Lexi goes down on him.

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