Mama Fiona – Camping with Mom FullHD

Mama Fiona - Camping with Mom FullHD

Mama Fiona - Camping with Mom FullHD

Mama Fiona

You are my son and we are going on a camping trip! You can’t know that your Dad and Sister are staying home so they can fuck each other. I’m keeping this secret from you (my son), and I try to convince you that this will still be an awesome camping trip! It’ll be a great time for us to bond! We’ll swim in the lake, eat hot dogs and smores, chat each other up – you know, the usual!

Little do I know that not only do you already know about your Dad and sister, but you have also have developed a crush on me. I pretend that I don’t notice, I pretend that I’m not flirting with you. But it’s clear that I’m enjoying the attention. I keep catching you staring at me, the way you look at me says it all. You WANT me. My son – wants his mother. And maybe…. Maybe I want you too? Maybe there’s a reason that my husband and daughter are having intimate relations with each other… but that’s WRONG! I can’t do that… I’m your mother! But I certainly do enjoy the attention, and all the feelings coming along with this very taboo connection. Maybe I can be convinced that this is what mother & son should have been doing all along…

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