Mama Fiona – Peeping Tom Mom

Mama Fiona - Peeping Tom Mom

Mama Fiona

You are my son and you are keeping me company because your dad decided to bail on me again. You’re such a good boy to me! I tell you about something naughty I’ve been doing in Secret… Spying on our neighbors! I mean… They leave their curtains wide-open! They are practically begging for an audience. you think it’s crazy and kinda hott but you don’t believe me so I decide to show you proof. You can’t believe that your innocent mother could be up to such scandalous things in private. So here we are watching our neighbors get it on when all of a sudden I feel your Boner…. Something comes over me and I… well I have to help you now. Let mama help you sweetheart. It’s okay. This is my fault… it’s the least I could do!

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